Rudwin Thalib
Graduated from the Indonesian Military Academy in 1983, participated in military activity, including the 1984 submarine crew training candidate, the 1988 Defense and Security Subdivision, the 1989 Indian Anti-Submarine AKS (LCS), the 1991 Diklapa II, Sesko TNI AL 1996 to 2007 Sesko TNI, his last position as Commander of the TNI AL Primary Base (Lantamal) Padang in 2017. Rudwin Thalib as the Commissioner of PT. Global Muda Tridharma, also holds an important role as an advisory board in the company. 

Danu Fanneka
President Director
Danu Fanneka started his career after graduating with D3 degree in Maritime Associate Expert from the Higher School of Maritime Science in Jakarta, then continued his studies at the Trisakti School of Transportation Management College Jakarta by earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. Currently, he is the founder of PT. Global Muda Tridharma Which introduce the “Farjava” trademark. During his career in the maritime industry, he was attracted by diverse natural resources and began to expand his reach and knowledge into the business by working with local communities. Thus, PT. Global Muda Tridharma was established as a company advanced in the food sector with dreams and hopes of provide benefits to the wider communities.

Founded in 2017 by Danu Fanneka, PT. Global Muda Tridharma operates in food sector activities in Indonesia by initiating the “Farjava’ trademark. Maintaining good relationship and working with business partners and vendors are our key to maintaining an always-available supply of resources. We dream that many people can feel the benefit of Indonesian food products. Especially the local community and our future partners.
Farjava was made with Passion and prioritizing Team Work as the company foundation so that it can work optimally. We are always developing human resources and management for continuous improvement. PT. Global Muda Tridharma is committed to providing excellent quality products both in the domestic market and abroad. We will continue to develop a business that serves the products and services to our customers. And will keep on growing from time to time with an innovative business innovations


As trusted food company, we have aspirations to become a well-known food company in Indonesia by always providing the best quality selected product.


• We prioritize high quality ingredients for our products and our best service to meet customer satisfaction.
• Building reliable distribution network, devising a more convenient service for our customer.
• Maintain relation and cooperation with our associates, the local community, solicited business, and our employees.


We do not see risk as an impediment, we will continue to extend our product and services, explore any related resources to obtain innovative solutions as we conduct continuous evaluation for a better development.


Valuing honesty and integrity as our highest principle as we look forward to a long term partnership.


Implemented in our code of ethics and principle, we emphasize the value of discipline in our team.


The word quality elucidates our product, as quality itself is the very essence of our fundamentals.

Team Work

In order to edifice Farjava as a well known business, we have achieved our aspiration by developing esprit de corps through a comfortable working environment, our team is strong and ready to take it to the next level.

Our Company tagline is “Spirit of Work to Provide the Best ” which implies that through the best products, we can bring businesses that can profit many parties.